“Everyday” is just like a good wine should be. Fruity, fresh and crisp, it gets to the point quickly. The vineyards where these hand-picked grapes ripen, are a reflection of the surrounding wine-growing region. This wine is fermented in stainless steel barrels in a controlled atmosphere. The result – light and simple wines. This wine is as honest as a loyal friend, a friend for “EVERYDAY”.

Our simple wines are called Jedentag or “Everyday”.

EVERYDAY can come in different flavours and from different vintages. EVERYDAY wines are plain QbA regional quality wines, from the Estate-Riesling or Kabinett quality. A palatable, uncomplicated Riesling or pinot noir.


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Lesura Riesling
8.00 / bottle(s) * (1 l = 10.67 €)
Riesling Kabinett
8.00 / bottle(s) * (1 l = 10.67 €)
7.50 / bottle(s) * (1 l = 10.00 €)
6.50 / bottle(s) *
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