Our wine estate specializes in Riesling wine, with top vineyards in the Bernkastel, Mittelmosel and Liesertal regions. We want to offer our customers high quality wines – wines that reveal their roots and are authentic. Wines that are accompanied throughout their journey and tended to with great care. We are proud to drink every wine that carries our name ourselves. Why not try us out for yourself! Wines from Weingut Fries are individual characters. We value good cooperation and would be happy for you to contact with us.






Our simple wines are called Jedentag



Wines that are perfect for a particularly
beautiful and happy day are called Freudentag



Ideal for special occasions or festivities,
these wines are called Jubeltag




The Fries Vineyard lies in the south-west of Germany, in the heart of the Moselle wine-growing region, on the outskirts of Maring-Noviand, in a small tributary valley of the Moselle River. It is owned by Markus Fries. After studying in Geisenheim/Rheingau and in Bordeaux, France at the Faculté d’Oenologie, he became the 8th generation to run the family-owned vineyard. They primarily grow grapes of the Riesling variety.




We make our Riesling different, something special, to be mulled over. We are no run-of-the-mill vineyard. We want to offer our clients high quality wines – wines that reveal their roots, that are authentic and stand out from the crowd. No bells and whistles, no fancy tricks, just pure wine! The steep slopes are full of life and highly coveted – the steeper the better.




As a rule, we do not have influence the wine at all during the maturing process. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The cellar procedure has been reduced to its purest form – there are no additives, no fining and even filtration is only carried out at the end of the aging process before bottling. In contrast, we work very hard to improve the quality in the vineyard itself. Every single little step is carefully considered and thought out. The harvest itself involves several different stages and all grapes of Spätlese quality or higher are subject to strict quality controls.




The vineyards are located on the steep slopes of Bernkastel, Liesertal, Wehlen and Ürzig. A large proportion of the area is planted with very old, ungrafted grapevines. Every vineyard has its own individual characteristics. Each different type of soil combined with the location and its own specific microclimate creates a unique wine with a distinct character. The growth and cultivation of our vineyards is subject to our own concept that is both in harmony with nature and environmentally friendly.
Slate is one of the most traditional terroirs for growing Riesling. There are plenty of excellent locations, however, the steep valley slope is the undisputed champion. Only here can the ideal microclimate and soil be found that turns a good Riesling into an excellent Riesling. The steep slopes are full of life and highly coveted – the steeper the better.




We continue to work upon achieving the highest possible level of quality – without making any compromises. This is why we have bought a number of land parcels with ungrafted Riesling grapevines in vintage condition over the last few years. We are also planting new parcels of land in the Noviand area with a plantation density of 10,000 grapevines per hectare (!). Thanks to this high density of the plantation – which is almost a thing of the past nowadays – we can ensure a very deep-reaching and vastly more firmly established rooting within the mineral slate soil. A positive side effect of this is the reduced crop yield per shoot, thereby providing relief for the vine.