"Everyday" is a wine, like a wine should be. Fruity, fresh and crisp, it comes to the point quickly. The vineyards, in which its hand-picked grapes ripen, mirror the particular place. This wine's controlled fermentation takes place in stainless steel barrels. The result: light and uncomplicated wines. This wine is as honest as a true friend, a friend for "Everyday".


We call our simple wine: JEDENTAG "Everyday" 

JEDENTAG can come in different flavours and from different vintages. Jedentag is a plain QbA, Estate Riesling or Kabinett. A palatable uncomplicated Riesling or Pinot Noir.

Price range: 6 - 9 €


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8,00 / láhev/láhve (1 l = 10,67 €)
Riesling Kabinett
8,00 / láhev/láhve (1 l = 10,67 €)
7,50 / láhev/láhve (1 l = 10,00 €)
6,50 / láhev/láhve